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Finding Inspiration at Longwood Gardens

Last week My son and I spent the day at the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Every time I go I wonder why I don’t visit more often because I enjoy it so much. There is inspiration for miniatures everywhere. I especially get inspired by all the beautiful plants and flowers.

One of my favorite dollhouse miniatures to make are all the plants and flowers. I think I might have mentioned before how bad I am at growing real life plants. Maybe making mini plants allows me to imagine I have a green thumb and I’ll settle for that.

Like I said, everything at Longwood was beautiful but there was one flower especially that caught my eye. There was this huge topiary that looked like a daisy bush. I can’t remember what it actually was but you can see from the picture how unique it was.

So, I had to attempt to make this beauty. My miniature interpretation is a bit less dramatic but I am really happy how it turned out. My Dollhouse Daisy Topiary will remind me to not wait so long to go and visit Longwood Gardens again soon.

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