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Four Labeled Mushroom Specimens

There is something about mushrooms that just appeals to me. I do love to eat them but even more so I love the mystical stories about these whimsical fungi.

When I was growing up I spent summers visiting my Grandparents in Virginia. My grandmother was like a character out of a children’s book. She was poetic and youthful and just down right fun. We would walk through the woods and I would point out all the dark holes in the tree roots that I was convinced were most certainly entrances to a beautiful fairy or gnome home. In the morning we noticed the fairy rings. Circles of mushrooms that have magically appeared overnight as evidence of a fairy gathering. I imagined the gnomes using mushrooms as a dry place to escape the rain or maybe a fairy sat atop a toadstool for a place to rest after a long day of flying.

Now that I am older and have a son who loves science, not fairies, we have a different way of appreciating these beautiful growths. My son and I like to hike and point out the different kinds of fungi and their shapes, colors and size. Once he brought me some Lichen as a gift because he knows I love the blue green colors. We built a terrarium just so we could house this tiny little mushroom that we found growing to a piece of dead wood so we could admire it for a bit longer.

These four mushroom specimens are a reminder of my time spent with family both as a child and as a parent. They are sculpted from Polymer clay and wire with very tiny wood stands and even tinier labels.

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