Finished Room Box “The Botanist’s Study”


Dive into the world of Botany with this finished room box, ” The Botanist’s Study.”

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The 1:12 scale Botanist’s Study is a place to carry out germination experiments, study the habitat of plants and research plant classifications.

This miniature room box is decorated with faux wood floors and textured walls that have a weathered patina. The room box shell is all wood and features and aged black finish. There are two hooks on the back so it can easily be hung on a wall as well as displayed on a shelf or table top. It has a piece of plexiglass that slides in from the top so that everything in the room box will be protected. Everything pictured inside the room box is included.

The miniatures that are included are:
1 Finished room box measuring 12 3/8″ Wide, 8 1/4″ Tall, 5 1/2″ Deep
1 Bookshelf with bottom drawer
1 Desk with two drawers
1 Stool
2 wall shelves, a gray shelf with hooks and a two compartment green shelf with items. Items are attached in the green shelf.
11 Books
12 Scrolls
1 Glass terrarium
2 planters with moss
1 Moss covered Rock
1 Maple sapling
3 Botany Charts, 1 large and 2 small
2 green jugs
6 miniature papers/sketches
2 labeled specimen jars
1 microscope
1 forceps
1 green box
1 green mug
1 LED light that can be placed anywhere in the box

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Weight 52 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 8 in


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