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Journal with Quill and Spectacles

My inspiration for my miniature journals was my longing to hold on to the precious moments in life. My Grandmother wrote in a journal every evening for most of her life. Each year had a collections of books filled with memories good and bad, big moments or maybe just what was had for dinner that night. I love the idea about reading your own story and being reminded about times that may have drifted off to the land of things forgotten. So why not put that in my miniature story because that is what a dollhouse is in a way, a miniature story that you can touch. I believe it adds life to your dollhouse or diorama.

As you might have guessed I like vintage things. I talk about this in a previous article. I like the character of things when they look used or lived in. This is why I tea stain all the book pages. It not only gives them an aged patina but it wrinkles them just enough so that they aren’t all perfectly aligned. I don’t want them to look like they were just bought. I want them to look like they have been flipped through, read over and written in. The labels on the journal covers were intended for a date in time. A month or year that life has been recorded in that particular journal.

The journals all come with a quill because how can anybody write in a journal without a pen. The feathers are hand crafted and tucked in a wee little inkwell. I added the miniature spectacles as a laugh at my age. Now that I am over 40 I would not be able to write in a journal without my trusty glasses. UGH!

I think this grouping is a sweet addition to a desk or night stand in any dollhouse.

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