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My Views on Decorating with Miniatures

When it comes to decorating with miniature furniture and home accessories I like to travel outside the box. Sometimes WAAAAY outside the box. It is the same way I decorate my life-size home but less expensive and much easier to manage. My decorating philosophies are, “there are no rules,” “why the heck not” and also “who cares just buy it.”

When I want to get inspired to create a miniature piece I like to check out home stores that sell unique furniture, flea markets, consignment shops, antique shops and of course Pinterest. Pinterest is great for finding repurposed pieces. For example I got the idea to make a miniature chicken nesting box that I staged as a storage piece for books and trinkets. Another piece I made was a miniature bed that had an “old” door that I turned sideways and used as a headboard. I feel this adds so much character and life to a dollhouse or diorama.

When it comes to decorating with home accessories my theories are the same as the furniture. Maybe I will use a terracotta flower pot as a holder for utensils or a wood crate to hold books or maybe even a miniature chamber pot as a planter. They say that necessity is the mother of invention and if there were real miniature people living in your dollhouse or diorama they might just have to make do with something they already have. Of course you might not want your miniature flowers growing in a chamber pot but these are just my ideas and like I said, “there are no rules.” Do what makes you happy in your miniature world. It is supposed to be fun!

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