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Pair of Lavender Topiaries

I have always loved the smell of Lavender. This beautiful purple flower is known to be uplifting, soothing and helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. What’s not to love? In addition to all it’s medicinal benefits I admire it for it’s beauty. Unfortunately I do not grow it at my house. Not only do I not have a green thumb, I have many trees shading my yard and have been told that the soil at my house is literally the worst. Whomp! Whomp!

If I were capable of growing things I would fill my yard with this calming aroma and run my hands over it every day and I would have 2 great big antique urns with the most perfectly prunes Lavender Topiaries. A girl can dream right? Well, a girl can make miniatures also. Sooooo, I made these. dollhouse lavender plant wee little studio

These were made with wire, paper, sand and paint. It is a long process but the end product is sweet and just what I wanted. I love how all the buds reach up towards the sun and I love the French Provincial vibe it gives off.

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