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Redefined Vintage Dollhouse Miniatures

Today started, as most days do, cleaning my studio. I straightened my work space, I straightened my photo booth and then I just went crazy and started an intense organization of everything. During this process I quickly realized how many miniatures I have in my personal collection.

I have been collecting dollhouse furniture and accessories for the better part of 35 years and that adds up. I use many of my things during photo shoots for my website but most of them are wrapped in tissue paper in bins. SO SAD!

As life gets more and more busy I feel the need to have less stuff and that means going through my miniature collection and selling some of my vintage pieces as is or redefined. By redefined I mean either painted or taken apart to make a totally new miniature which is totally fun by the way.

The first piece I came across is this vintage cabinet or secretary. It had great bones but a boring finish. Sorry, I forgot to take a before picture. That would require a good memory. Hehehehe! So with a few coats of paint, some distressing and new hardware it has a new life. Just like with life size furniture, rethinking a vintage piece of dollhouse furniture is a good way to recycle and save some money.

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