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Rethinking Dollhouse Restaurant Furniture

I recently started drawing up plans to make a dollhouse restaurant for my collection. I knew I wanted the feel of a neighborhood cafe type of place. A place where a community would gather, neighbors would catch up on the latest gossip over coffee and buns, a place where friends could meet over specialty sandwiches. As you may can probably tell I design my miniatures around how I want real life to be. I would love to go to a place like that. Most of all I want it to be unique, artistic and one of a kind. I didn’t want it to look like a “chain” restaurant or like all the typical coffee shops you might see in Paris, even though I love that look as well. I want it to be colorful and have dollhouse restaurant furniture that is individual and comfortable. Furniture that makes you want to sink in and stay a while. It isn’t like they need a fast turnover after all.
When you search for dollhouse restaurant furniture you will find a lot of average dining room furniture, some cafe style furniture and I even saw a jukebox. It was good stuff but not what I was picturing when I was thinking about the design of my dollhouse restaurant. So with that in mind I searched for pieces that went with the experiences I wanted my imaginary miniature people to have at this little food joint.
First I thought of the relaxing feel I wanted to have in part of the restaurant. I wanted it to feel like more of a living room. So for that area I created a sofa and some oversized chairs in a Kelly Green velvet fabric. It’s not like I have to worry about stains so velvet is acceptable restaurant fabric in this case. In the center of all these cozy places to sit I put a large round wood coffee table that was stained in a dark rich brown color. “Fresh” flowers were placed on the center for a splash of color. As for the table and chair situation I found a branch outside that I sliced long ways to get a live edge look for the table tops I wanted to make. I stained them in the same stain and made simple black legs that had a metal look to them. So now I had to come up with chairs to go around the tables. I stepped away for a few days to ponder. I looked at it every now and then to see if it spoke to me. It kind of had a “forest” feel to it so I came up with the idea of making log chairs. So back outside I went to find more branches. Found them, sliced them, stained them and they were perfect.
I made a basic counter and some simple food displays. I totally went with the forest theme and decked the walls with some ferns and added mushroom prints. It had a very whimsical vibe in the end and would be perfect for some little mice or faries. I totally loved it and wished I could hang out in a place like this. Furniture can be made of so many different things. Use your imagination and go wild.

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