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Victorian Sofa Redefined

I love the character of antique furniture. Things were made so well back then. There was an attention to detail that you just can’t find in the furniture that is being made today. That being said, I do not like everything worn out and dirty looking which can sometimes happen with antique decor. I like some scratches in the finish and maybe a bit of cracks from the wood moving with the changing temperatures but not dirty worn out fabric and dried crispy foam. Pinterest has so many beautiful updated inspiration pictures. The Victorian Sofa Redefined piece was a miniature dollhouse classic with its dark Mahogany stained wood and red velvet fabric. I believe this sofa was part of a set that had matching chairs, a coffee table and side table. Maybe it was an exciting dollhouse set back in the day but not so much now. I thought this classic miniature furniture needed an update.

The fabric was a great find with its small modern and simple print. I delicately removed all the upholstered pieces, prepped the wood for paint, made patterns for the fabric and assembled everything back together. After admiring the new updated look for a while I decided to make some miniature welting to give it a polished look.

I just love the way this dollhouse sofa turned out and now I kind of want a regular sized one for my real house. Although it would be a bit more expensive and a lot more work for that. For now I will settle for my miniature.

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